‘vue-cli-service‘ 不是内部或外部命令,也不是可运行的程序 或批处理文件

You need to install the Vue CLI Service before you can run the binary. Try installing at the project-level as opposed to globally instead.

在运行二进制文件之前,您需要安装 Vue CLI 服务。尝试在项目级安装,而不是全局安装。

The 404 is a "feature" of npx whereby it attempts to download (then execute) missing packages unless the --no-install flag is passed. The reason it cannot find vue-cli-service is because that particular package doesn't exist in the registry.

404是 npx 的一个“特性”,它试图下载(然后执行)丢失的包,除非传递 -- no-install 标志。之所以找不到 vue-cli-service,是因为这个特定的包在注册表中不存在。

Note the package name for Vue CLI Service is @vue/cli-service which differs from the name of the binary it installs. Let's hope no one is ever able to register a module called vue-cli-service for security reasons. Because if they do you'd've downloaded and run their module instead.

请注意,Vue CLI Service 的包名为@Vue/CLI-Service,这与它所安装的二进制文件的名称不同。出于安全原因,希望没有人能够注册一个名为 vue-cli-service 的模块。因为如果他们这么做了,你就会下载并运行他们的模块。


npm i @vue/cli-service


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